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CE Provider Sponsorship

If you are a CE Provider with classes approved by your State Board and would like to be paid to teach your classes, the CE Provider’s Network will sponsor you. The CE Provider’s Network allows you to earn revenue from your approved classes by paying you to simply show up to a designated location within your State and teach your class. We offer sponsorship options that will:
  • set up the registration process for your students.
  • make the reservations to host your class.
  • advertise your class on our network.
  • pay you to teach your approved CE class.

How it Works

Our Research department will evaluate the information included in the form that you are asked to complete in the link below to begin the process.
Our Evaluation team will investigate the confirmation of your approved status with the corresponding Board of regulation for your state. Upon confirmation, we welcome you as a member of the CE Provider’s Network. At this point the Executive Coordinator of the CPN will personally consult with the new member about our terms of agreement, pay out procedures, and the contractual arrangements necessary to sponsor the CE Provider.

" Two Sponsorship Programs to choose from"

PERCENTAGE SPONSORSHIP: The CPN will pay you a percentage of the negotiated contractual agreement
It’s that simple! No hidden fees or no upfront costs to the CE Provider!!! Don’t delay, get started today and make your passion for providing quality continuing education an experience that will gain your company notoriety among all the students who attend your classes. Click on the link for more information.

Click Here to fill out the CE Providers Network Form

Interested in becoming a CE Provider for the The CE Providers Network?

  • Have you ever attended a continuing education class and said to yourself "I would really enjoy an opportunity to do something like this” or “I have a great idea for teaching a continuing education class on a specific topic"?
  • Well, the CE Provider’s Network has a great career opportunity for you. If you are interested in becoming an approved CE Provider for the providers network, Click Here to fill out the CE Providers Network Form and we will help you by providing free consultation on the steps necessary to become an approved CE Provider for your state.
  • Once you are an approved Continuing Education Provider with classes approved by your board of regulations, we will help your company to excel by providing “FREE SPONSORSHIP” as a bonus for your membership with the CE Provider’s Network. By the way, membership is also free of charge!
  • Note for CPN Applicants in North Carolina : The CE Provider’s Network (CPN) is not affiliated with the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts. Our company is not responsible for approving CE Provider’s under NC statues. The CE Provider’s Network does not represent the NC State Board of Cosmetic Arts. The CPN has no jurisdiction to approve continuing education classes regulated by the North Carolina State Board of Cosmetic Arts.
  • Immediately after achieving your approved status as a CE Provider for your state, you will have the choice of enrolling in one of the three Sponsorship Programs or the choice of having your classes listed on the Non-Sponsorship page.
  • Go to www.ceuww.com to view a setup example.
  • This will open the door for your company to instantly start receiving revenue for conducting your approved classes. How, you asked? Well, the CE Provider’s Network pays you for simply showing up to teach your classes.
  • Our main objective is to strengthen the continuing education industry by providing a network for CE Providers who take pride in providing quality continuing education for licensed practitioners in their field of expertise.
  • So if you have a passion for providing continuing education in your field of expertise, here is your chance to do what you love doing without dealing with the challenges of enormous upfront expenses.
  • We welcome you to get on board with the CE Provider’s Network and make your dream of becoming an approved CE Provider a reality.
  • Click Here to fill out the CE Providers Network Form